University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 UC Startup Pitch Competition

Early Stage Winner

Dr. Byron Shen of Velox Biosystems

Dr. Byron Shen is the winner of the 2018 "I am a UC entrepreneur" campaign - Early Stage track. Byron is the CEO of Velox Biosystems, a clinical diagnostic startup out of UC Irvine that is point-of-care detection technology for rapid, cost effective, and highly accurate tests to combat the rise in antimicrobial resistance.

Dr. Byron Shen of Velox Biosystems

Later Stage Winner

Dr. Jason McKeown of Neurovalens

Dr. Jason McKeown is the winner of the 2018 "I am a UC entrepreneur" campaign - Later Stage track. Jason is the CEO of Neurovalens, a global health-tech startup that creates non-invasive neurostimulation products. Their goal is to improve the lives of those who suffer from neurological issues using their technology and products.

Dr. Jason McKeown of Neurovalens

UC Startup Pitches at the GCVI 2019


Hear what our mentors and finalists have to say about the UC Annual Startup Pitch Competition.

UC leaders congratulate our entrepreneur finalists!

Dr. Christine Gulbranson, senior vice president and chief innovation officer for the University of California, congratulated the 12 finalists alongside chancellors from the finalists' campuses in a short video message.

  Connect with Dr. Christine Gulbranson.


Finalists were paired with a VC mentor to help prepare for their final pitch.


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