Viewing Vanth - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Kimberly Phan

Alumni of UC Berkeley - Classical Civilizations (Undergraduate)
Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Graduate)
Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Professional)


Vanth is building a social impact platform that eliminates sweatshops by connecting users directly to seamstresses and tailors worldwide. The platform will be accessible through both the web and as a phone application. How it works is that users simply upload a photo of a clothing design that they want made. Users will then get measured by our app. We are partnering with a company that has the technology to use any camera phone to take accurate body measurements. Users only need to input weight, height and take two photos—one front and one side photo. The clothing design and measurements get sent to seamstresses and tailors who will privately message users with their price. The private messaging is meant to prevent “race to the bottom” prices and “bidding wars.” Users will then choose which seamstress to work with. Seamstresses and fashion designers will set up “shops” on the platform to showcase their work. The goal of the app is to empower seamstresses and tailors worldwide who work in sweatshop conditions and to enable seamstresses to earn dignified, fair living wages. In addition to the social problem of sweatshops, from the consumer side surveys have shown that at least 57% of women report having trouble finding properly fitting clothes and only 15% of men report satisfaction with standard small, medium, and large sizes. Vanth is unique in converging consumers’ interests in getting affordable, custom clothing and seamstresses’ desire for fair, living wages—all in one place.

Primary Industry Sector: Other
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Preseed

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