Viewing NeuroGum - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Kent Yoshimura

Alumni of UC San Diego - (Undergraduate)


At NeuroGum, we want people to live each day to the fullest. Starting with our cold-compressed nootropic energy gum, we set out with a goal to provide people with a more effective delivery system and reinvent the way people consume energy. It all started in college when we noticed how people were consuming energy. From copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks to the abuse of prescription drugs, people viewed energy more for immediate solutions rather than sustained benefits. Similarly, one-a-day supplements in the marketplace take this same mentality, despite the fact that our body only processes a very small percentage of it at a time. Through our patented cold-compressed gum and other confectionary formats, people can now get their needs whenever and wherever.

Primary Industry Sector: Other
Funding Status: Seed

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