Viewing my.Flow - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Amanda Brief

Alumni of UC Berkeley (Graduate)


We at my.Flow have created the world's first tampon monitor. We're out to solve the issues of period stigma, shame, anxiety, leakage, and risk of infection, by letting menstruators know in real time how full their tampons are - because believe it or not, no matter how long you've had your period, there is no way to tell how full a tampon is - you can't see or feel it. Many of us err on the side of taking it out early, which is not only wasteful, but incredibly physically uncomfortable. It's about time women had a way to prevent both leakage and infection related to leaving their tampons in too long. 70% of US women use tampons, and over half are ready to buy a product that helps them prevent leakage, and 82% are ready to buy a product to reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Menstrual innovation has been embarrassingly lagging until recently, and no product is currently on the market that addresses these needs for tampons - America's most ubiquitous period solution. We're here to bring Peace of Mind. Period.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Devices
Funding Status: Other (please provide details) - Not Specified

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