Viewing UAV-IQ LLC - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Andreas Neuman

Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Graduate)


UAV-IQ supplies actionable information and decision making tools to agricultural clients enabling more efficient cultivation and harvest. With expertise in drones, remote sensing and agriculture, the company bridges the gap between the booming industry of drone-based data collection and agriculture clients who need the resulting information to support them in making effective decisions. Now, anyone operating one of the 30 million suitable drones worldwide is capable of capturing precision agriculture data and UAV-IQ's platform can standardize the data and transform it into actionable information. UAV-IQ offers crop consultants and field managers valuable workflow management tools enabling teams of any size and locations to efficiently utilize remote sensing data, regardless of where or by whom it is collected. It also offers an enterprise platform which can improve the utilization, reporting and dissemination of information across organizations and multidisciplinary research teams.

Primary Industry Sector: Agriculture
Funding Status: Preseed

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