Viewing CareerVR - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Brian Donnelly

Alumni of UC Davis (Professional)


With the passage of ESSA (2015 Federal Every Student Success ACT), all 50 states have established Career Readiness as an essential metric for public K-12 education. While this represents a critical shift in education priorities, the goal of ensuring that all students are career ready faces multiple challenges: • The U.S. Department of Labor projects that as a consequence of technological innovation, 65% of the jobs that today’s grade school students will hold have yet to be invented. • The dominant traditional K-12 curriculum, teaching and learning practices are out of sync with the education requirements for a tech-driven economy. • The vast majority of K-12 teachers and counselors have no experience with or understanding of contemporary and emerging careers. • Student engagement with the current offering of online career planning tools is structured around the passive consumption of information about careers with no opportunities for immersion and experience. Our company has developed a tool called CareerVR that offers an innovative solution to these challenges. By leveraging the power of virtual reality students engage in immersive experiences that move them beyond learning about a career to experiencing a career. Career VR anchors career exploration to large, high profile venues where the physical infrastructure and services offered rely on the creativity, knowledge, and skills contributed by individuals engaged in a broad range of career fields. The immersive expeditions rely on a combination of live 360 video interviews with professionals and computer-generated job simulations. Gaming strategies integrated into job simulations offer an entertainment "hook" to promote student engagement. CareerVR incorporates grade level appropriate curricular activities that can be completed outside of the VR environment.CareerVR is designed to function on low-end systems like google cardboard and Samsung Gear with additional interactive features optimized for platforms such as Oculus and Vive.

Primary Industry Sector: Other
Funding Status: Preseed

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