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Mark Weinstein

Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Graduate)


OVERVIEW: MeWe and MeWePRO (the two services of Sgrouples, Inc.) are award-winning social & enterprise collaboration apps redefining their respective market segments. Great communication tech, NO BS. Real privacy, security, and control for users. Separately available on desktop, iOS, and Android. We have many good things happening including new patents issued, significant growth, and much more. On 11/18 I was a featured speaker (cyber-security expert) at EY's annual Strategic Growth Forum with over 2,000 high-growth companies attending. Attached are the MeWe (for consumers) and MeWePRO (for business) PPTs, and our stellar Advisory Board list. Here are the details: 1) MeWe MeWe is the next-gen social network, private chat and group sharing app that gives members total control with its "Privacy Bill of Rights." MeWe members are #Not4Sale. MeWe has received important accolades being named 2016 Start-Up of the Year "Finalist" at SXSW (South by Southwest), awarded for Innovative World Technology. MeWe is currently growing at an average of 1,500 - 2,000 members per day, (1.5M total members), without yet stepping on the marketing gas pedal. With Facebook repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot, we believe our opportunity to catapult with MeWe in 2018 is quite significant. 2) MeWePRO MeWePRO is the next-gen enterprise collaboration software with the best, fully integrated collaboration tools and the best security. Companies are rapidly adopting new communication software far superior to email and chat. Enterprise software market is becoming a $260B marketplace. PRO is perfectly positioned. MeWe Advisor Raj Sisodia (also advising Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, The Container Store and others) introduces MeWePRO this way: "MeWePRO is a collaboration tool for organizations that by all accounts is far better than existing offerings such as Slack." Slack was valued at $4B when they had $64M in annual revenue less than two years ago. We are now entering the marketing/sales/revenue phase, and are already in conversations with interested big companies like J&J, EY, GameStop, and many others. We are also engaged in discussions with resellers, which is part of our dialogue with EY. BACKGROUND MeWe founder, Mark Weinstein, is one of the inventors of the social media industry (he founded - a PC Magazine "TOP 100" company which he sold) and is a world-recognized leading privacy advocate. Mark has been recognized by the Canadian government as "Ambassador of Privacy by Design." On November 18, Mark was a featured speaker (cyber-security expert) at EY's annual Strategic Growth Forum with over 2,000 high-growth companies attending. Top 8 Minds In Online Privacy: LinkedIn: HIGHLIGHTS MeWe and MeWePRO are both live as separate services on iOS, Android, and Desktop. MeWe's legal counsel is the leading Silicon Valley firm of Fenwick West, and Moss Adams handles the accounting. * In October 2016, MeWe was named one of the "Best Entrepreneurial Companies In America" by Entrepreneur Magazine * In March, 2016, MeWe was selected as a 2016 Start-Up of the Year "Finalist" at SXSW (South by Southwest) for Innovative World Technology * In January 2017, MeWe was picked as a "company to watch" in the 2017 FTI Tech Trends Report * MeWe Advisors include industry leaders, top industry analysts, and the inventor of the Worldwide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Patent Issued – Permission Model We have just received a patent for our carefully delineated, breakthrough permission model. Patents Filed & Pending - Worldwide We have patents filed and pending in various stages worldwide on several important technologies that we deploy, including our Information Model, Custom Camera Technology, Twitter Integration, and Non-Tracking Advertising Model of the Future. New Patent Filed – MeWePRO Calendar We have just filed a new patent application on our MeWePRO Calendar, because it does things no one’s calendar on the web does. Our other patents are in various pending stages in key countries around the world. FUNDING SUMMARY: Sgrouples, Inc., is a Delaware "C" Corp. Through preferred stock offerings, we have raised over $7 million from high net-worth individuals. For more information on investing, please contact Mark Weinstein, CEO, at: or +1 408-502-0827. LINKS MeWePRO: (available on desktop, iOS and Android) MeWe: (available on desktop, iOS and Android) MeWe Video: MeWe Privacy Bill of Rights:

Primary Industry Sector: Software and Services
Funding Status: Series A

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