Viewing Worldcare Technologies - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Yajur Maker

Alumni of UC San Diego - Bioengineering (Undergraduate)

Worldcare Technologies

Worldcare Technologies is developing a low-cost HIV Viral Load Monitoring System to monitor the progression of HIV in low-resource communities. Of the 37 million people who still live with HIV today, over ⅔ live in the developing world, and most of these individuals receive minimal to no viral load testing to quantify the amount of virus in the body HIV patients are supposed to receive two viral load tests a year, which helps doctors determine if their treatment is working and help prevent accidental infections and negative health outcomes. Unfortunately, viral load tests are just not accessible around the world, and in some nations, 90% of individuals have never received a single viral load test, let alone two a year. So how do we fix that? The primary barrier is cost. In the US, viral load testing costs more than $10,000 per testing unit and at the very least $25 per test. So what our team at Worldcare Technologies has done is developed a low-cost high performance monitoring system that comes in at under $1,000 for the full device and under $10 per test, enabling doctors to give patients the information they need at a price they can afford. By automating scientifically validated techniques such as RNA extraction we have not only reduced the cost of our device and created a point of care technology, but also minimized the strain on an already burdened healthcare system. As we continue our preclinical testing we have begun coordinating implementation of our device in Tijuana, Mexico, a city that has an HIV prevalence that is triple that of the national average. and hope to implement our technology in the coming year. Together with Worldcare Technologies, we can make an incredible impact on HIV patients around the world.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Devices
Funding Status: Seed

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