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Julie Makinen

Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Graduate)

California 1 News

California 1 is an online California-focused media property brought to you by veteran journalists who’ve worked at The Los Angeles Times, Recode, Vox Media, The International New York Times and The Washington Post, and contributed to such outlets as U.S. News & World Report, Fast Company and USA Today. For younger Californians who live online and are heavy consumers of video, podcasts, and visually driven news, it’s a constant challenge to stay informed on key state issues and find avenues to take action. The main problem they face is there’s no compelling, concise, engaging central source of daily California news covering trends and developments that affect their jobs, their homes, their health, and their kids. While there is a plethora of news-related video on social media channels and the Internet at large, very little focuses on what new developments in the state actually mean to the average Californian. This leads to people missing out on information that would make them better workers, parents, consumers, and voters. Today, their best options are shrinking legacy outlets that are stodgy and lag digitally; local TV stations that rarely venture beyond crime, weather, and traffic; or national outlets like the Washington Post, CNN or Buzzfeed that don’t consistently focus on California and bring an outside, inauthentic perspective. With established local outlets under continued economic pressure and ad revenue migrating toward digital platforms, the problem is only getting worse. If only there was a smart, succinct and convenient source of California news and analysis online, then people across the state could be better informed and more civically engaged. Since 44% of California’s 39 million people are between the ages of 15 and 44, there is a clear opportunity to reach a huge number of people with compelling, engaging, informative online news. In August 2017, the California 1 team polled a random sampling of young California residents, ages 14 to 34, to learn more about their media consumption habits. The poll was conducted online via Pollfish, supplemented with in-person focus groups. Almost two-thirds of those we polled — 62%— agreed that they want to know more about California and local issues, but can’t easily find the information. Even more — 69% — agreed that they should be more engaged or informed about elections in California, but said it’s hard to learn about candidates and ballot propositions. These are not people who shun the news – 45% described themselves as “news junkies” who watch, listen to, or read news daily from multiple sources. Another 43% said they consume news several times per week. California 1 aims to solve this problem for Californians, and to deliver compelling, engaging stories about the Golden State to anyone in the world interested in what's happening in the most dynamic nation-state in the United States.

Primary Industry Sector: Communications; IT; and Data Processing
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Preseed

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