Viewing Embrace Healthwear Inc. - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Jun Lu

Alumni of UC San Diego - Electrical Engineer (Undergraduate)

Embrace Healthwear Inc.

Fall-related injury were a $31 billion annual problem in the USA in 2013. Source: Falls often lead to a loss of independence, decreased quality of life, and even death. After someone falls, both they and their family are concerned and traumatized. Our wearable, Libra, is a beautiful and easy to use gadget that helps reduce fall risk and promote strong balance through motion analytic driven interventions. Libra is not just activity tracker, It designed for users whom are facing potential mobility declines. By using Libra, users can get continuous information about their mobility status, tracks its progression, and get alerted when sharp decline is detected. In total, we have raised $37,000 in funding. $15,000 of which is from founders, $10,000 from grants & awards, and $12,000 from family. This has enables us to establish connection of multiple key-influencers in the senior living space, clinical testing relations, and pilot program with senior homes. Moving forward, we are looking to raise and additional $120,000 to fund the clinical test with 200 participant at Center for Successful Aging, and alpha pilots with Front Porch Senior Living Community at two locations for the next 6 months. We'd love to invite you to expand our program and help more your love ones take control of their mobility and independence.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Devices
Funding Status: Preseed

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