Viewing Schoolr - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Ryan Rodriguez

Alumni of UC Irvine - Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance (Undergraduate)


Every student gets stuck on difficult problems from time to time, however, most of them don’t utilize currently available tutoring services for a number of reasons. Schoolr is an online marketplace that connects students with questions with tutors that can answer them, initially focusing on STEM. Our goal is to increase the amount of students who get help from tutors similar to how Uber increased the amount of people who pay for rides. To do this, Schoolr makes getting help educational help as easy as posting on social media or getting a ride home by making it look and feel like an extension students’ favorite apps - Snapchat, Instagram, Uber and Lyft. Schoolr allows students to learn and tutors to teach however they want, wherever they want and always at their price. Schoolr allows students to learn whenever they want since they can snap a picture of their question like Snapchat right from their phone. Since they decide how much they want to offer, they always get their question answered at their price. Students decide whether they want to receive a video response from a tutor OR request a live session with an online tutor after reviewing their profile and most recent reviews – so they can always choose to learn however they want. Sometimes students just want to see a problem worked out like when they ask a question in class instead of a live session. Schoolr allows tutors to teach however they want since they can choose whether they want to scroll through student questions like Instagram and choose which to answer with a video response OR go online to teach in live sessions. Unlike any other tutoring service, Schoolr tutors place their mobile device on a stand to hold their phone so they can record their hand as they work out a problem and explain each step out loud. This makes a video with a great view for the student watching. We believe that by simplifying the process of getting help and allowing students to learn however they want, that more of them will incorporate tutoring into their study schedule instead of giving up out of frustration.

Primary Industry Sector: Software and Services
Funding Status: Preseed

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