Viewing inhood - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

louie chatta

Alumni of UC Santa Cruz - Baskin School of Engineering, Computer Science (Undergraduate)


inhood is a private communication network for physical locations. Owners of medium to large sized physical locations will buy an inhood account for their building. They will then be able to broadcast messages to all people present in their building. They can broadcast realtime messages and push notifications or keep pinned messages/videos/photos for people to view. We also provide a social aspect to allow people to comment and like the broadcasted content and even share messages to others in the establishment. Owners will also receive analytics on the people visiting their establishment; how long do people stay, how many people come back, which parts of your establishment are more popular. Ideal customers would be: owners of sporting stadiums, owners of sporting teams, concert owners, airport owners, store owners, university owners basically any physical location where people stay for long periods of time

Primary Industry Sector: Software and Services
Funding Status: Preseed

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