Viewing BellaNove - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Jenny Leung

Alumni of UC Los Angeles - Major: Economics, Minor: Human Complex Systems (Undergraduate)
Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Graduate)


Four million women give birth in the United States every year—this means 4 million women experience dramatic body changes over the 9 months of their pregnancy. While this miraculous time is filled with excitement, normal priorities and responsibilities begin to shift. In just a few months, expectant mothers are prompted to find a new wardrobe to accommodate their inevitable size changes. The ‘Maternity Fashion’ industry has doubled to $2B annually in the last 4 years, and much of this can be attributed to publicized celebrity pregnancies including Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. In our recent survey of 200+ women, we found that many expectant mothers want to continue looking stylish throughout their pregnancies. However, when they find out the substantial price tag required for such a temporary wardrobe, many concede to borrowing or purchasing out of date, low quality, or ill-fitted clothing. While borrowing clothes may work for some mothers, it is an untenable solution, especially for the professional woman. A 2015 report from Pew Research showed that working while pregnant has become increasingly common where 66% of American mothers work during their pregnancy. These women are also working longer into their pregnancy with 82% continuing in the workplace until 8 months pregnant. Professional women juggling ever-increasing personal and physical requirements are looking for access to stylish professional maternity clothes without breaking the bank. The current marketplace does not satisfy their needs—it’s about time these women are given an easier and better way to celebrate and look great even as their body changes. BellaNove offers customers stylish and work-appropriate maternity wear through a monthly rental service. For a monthly membership, customers will be able to rent 5, 8, or 12 items, respectively, each month to flaunt their beautiful pregnancy glow. We can triple her product selection at half the cost of purchasing utilizing this sustainable model. With Americans throwing away 11M tons of textile waste to landfills every year, and we are providing a better option for these expectant mothers who also want to protect the planet for their future generation. BellaNove is here to help the hundreds of thousands of working moms go confidently into motherhood, and look great doing it!

Primary Industry Sector: Other
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Preseed

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