Viewing Sift - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Sean Jackson

Alumni of UC Santa Barbara - Political Science (Undergraduate)


You’ve probably heard that people are an organization's most critical asset. But despite rhetoric, large organizations often don’t know much about their employees. Cooperation and collaboration across the dozens of internal business areas is challenging as it's often hard to even put a face to name, let alone know who in the massive enterprise has the skills, experience, and education to tackle a particular business challenge. That’s why we founded Sift, to bring transparency to the talent inherent in any large organization. With Sift, each employee in a large organization can customize their own internal profile complete with their skills, education, past work experience, in addition to basic but critical information on their current role, manager, office location, division, and contact information. All of this information is made available through a powerful, simple, and beautiful search interface designed to allow anyone in a large organization to find and quickly connect with the subject matter experts they need to solve their business challenge. In just two years, Sift has been deploy to over two dozen companies and over 25,000 employees. Our mission is to ensure every large organization feels like a tight-knit team where anyone can call upon the superpowers and experience of colleagues they didn’t know existed in just seconds.

Primary Industry Sector: Communications; IT; and Data Processing
Funding Status: Seed

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