Viewing Hooplah - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Vero Gonzalez

Alumni of UC Irvine - (Undergraduate)


Hooplah is an app that revolutionizes date and activity planning for users matching them with business based on their preferences of budget, distant, mood, interests, and more with the promise of quality as all businesses are 3 stars and above with a hybrid curation between users and our metrics. Some key features are 'meet me in between' which takes out the guesswork of dating outside of your town, 'scavenger hunts' for a complete adventure, and 'bulletin board' which allows users to pin dating ideas for later. Our promise is to take out the stress of planning by customizing plans for you as well as a streamlined ui/ux experience which makes gathering and scheduling information more easily. On the B2B end, we offer greater control for your branding and reach with your marketing. Data analytics from users come in form of reviews, matching rates, and bulletin boards. We offer boosts, promotions, and spots in our scavenger hunts as packages as well which promises dynamic marketing through direct foot traffic rather than the multiple pipelines traditional marketing on social media platforms have. Currently we are within the patenting process with our legal team in conjunction with building social media stature and building out all technical requirements.

Primary Industry Sector: Communications; IT; and Data Processing
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Preseed

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