Viewing RosomX - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Nicole Nunez

Alumni of UC Davis - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Undergraduate)


There are currently three million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. including those undergoing treatment and those in remission. Many of these women suffer significant side effects due to the nonspecific action of current therapies that result in a poor patient quality of life. In addition, over 300,000 women are diagnosed with this disease annually (American Cancer Society) and the number of deaths will exceed 40,000 in 2017 alone (National Institute of Health). While there have been improvements in both preventative screening techniques and novel therapeutic development in recent years, breast cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer related death in women in the U.S. At RosomX, our therapy is designed to be curative and non-toxic due to its cell- and epigenetic-specific mode of action. Current breast cancer therapies only target a certain subtype of the disease and only applicable to a small percentage of breast cancer patients who display that specific genetic trait. In addition, the majority of these types of therapies do not work well in advanced stage cancer patients, of which in the U.S. there are 160,000 women living with stage IV breast cancer (American Cancer Society). Our novel targeted therapy is able to treat over two thirds of all breast cancer cases by stopping the disease initiator. This initiator is an overexpressed gene and its protein product that should not be present in normal cells.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Therapeutics
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Other (please provide details) - Not Specified

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