Viewing Tali - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Matthew Volm

Alumni of UC Berkeley (Professional)


Tali is a voice-driven productivity assistant, powered by Amazon Alexa, that lets lawyers, accountants and others in professional services track their time and manage their productivity using nothing more than their voice. Tali even integrates with existing invoicing and billing solutions, completely eliminating the chore of manual time entry. We have nearly 100 paid users on our platform, all of which we've acquired organically (e.g. no marketing spend) through word-of-mouth and free PR over the last 12 weeks. Nearly 50% of our users engage with Tali throughout the work week, and 20% are considered daily active users - both of these metrics have been steadily increasing week over week. We are currently backed by Mucker Capital, a leading seed-stage VC out of Santa Monica, and have several angel investors (including a current Berkeley Haas professor) on board as well. The internet may have been the first, and mobile the second, but voice is the next revolution. So come along, join me for the ride and be a part of one of the first companies that is bring voice technology into the business world.

Primary Industry Sector: Software and Services
Funding Status: Seed

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