Viewing Like Neighbors, LLC - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Judy O'Connor

Alumni of UC Riverside - Major: Administrative Studies (Undergraduate)

Like Neighbors, LLC enables ongoing support for those experiencing a life-changing event, from bringing home a new baby to a serious illness or injury, to deployment of a family member, eldercare, or bereavement. Our platform connects them with their family and friends nationwide, as well as our partner service providers. Whether the need is a meal delivery, a few hours of babysitting, or a ride to a doctor’s appointment, Like Neighbors communicates it in real-time and enables anyone, anywhere to easily fulfill it online… eliminating the miles that separate people in need from their supporters who can help. Like Neighbors just launched in DC, Maryland and Virginia, offering meal delivery through our partner provider, Galley. We plan to quickly expand geographically and add a variety of services that can be given and received when it matters most.

Primary Industry Sector: Other
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Preseed

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