Viewing qlaro - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Larry Cordisco

Alumni of UC Santa Barbara - Political Science (Undergraduate)


QLARO IS A DIGITAL HEALTH COMPANY When patients receive a cancer diagnosis, the most common reaction, apart from shock, is an attempt to gather information – 80% search the internet weekly, and nearly half search daily. Unfortunately, these searches, along with anecdotal stories provided by friends or family, usually yield large amounts of inaccurate, outdated or irrelevant information. Consequently, most patients are not well informed about their disease or their options, feel overwhelmed and helpless when it comes to their cancer care, and are not able to advocate well for themselves. This was our experience when caring for loved ones diagnosed with cancer, and the reason we created qlaro – to change the way cancer patients choose therapies and manage their condition. qlaro is a mobile app that uses a cancer patient’s own medical data to deliver a highly personalized cancer planning and management experience. The app acquires patient data through an intuitive interview process that tells the patient what questions to ask their doctor. The app then takes the answers collected by in the app and creates a unique clinical profile and that is used to match the patient with highly relevant information, people, and other patient experiences. The app is integrated with a proprietary data warehouse that was purpose built to improve the efficacy of machine learning in healthcare applications (built by co-founder Andrew Nguyen, BS UCSD, PhD UCSF) – the result: the app knows what information patients need, and when they need it. qlaro intends to monetize by anonymizing the data we collect from cancer patients and providing real-time, real-world data to therapeutics companies, insurers, and healthcare providers. Collectively, these organizations spend billions to measure changes in market share, duration of treatment, and clinical pathways across all cancers. Today, this analysis is based on claims data, doctor surveys, and the emerging use of data from electronic healthcare records. However, all of these methods are expensive and none track patients across all providers or present companies with the ability to use a neutral third-party platform to survey actual patient needs. We are currently involved with early customer development conversations with four large bio-pharma companies. The app taps into two powerful tailwinds in healthcare today: consumerization and the emergence of precision medicine therapies. At qlaro, we believe these trends will drive the 14m patients living with cancer in the US to adopt solutions that empower them to seek more personalized therapies. From a commercialization perspective, the companies who make those therapies for the $130B+ US cancer market are looking for better insights on highly segmented populations of cancer patients. We are currently designing a pilot study with a large integrated care provider in Northern California for 20 ovarian cancer patients to trial the app. The study is being structured to measure patient satisfaction, engagement levels, and assess the quality and accuracy of clinical information captured in the app. We expect to onboard patients in 1H2018. We are seeking $400k of angel/seed financing to support our pilot, the hiring of clinical analytics support, and software development that address new features and functions and the deployment of the app across all major technology platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

Primary Industry Sector: Software and Services
Funding Status: Preseed

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