Viewing Student Loans Guy - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Brandon Yahn

Alumni of UC Berkeley (Professional)

Student Loans Guy

Consumers are losing out on $100+ billion because many people with student debt don't understand their repayment options. Our personalized recommendation tool solves this problem: Answer a few questions in less than 60 seconds, and we can identify your best repayment plan. We also provide calculators which can be used to compare refinancing options, income-driven repayment plans, and loan forgiveness plans. In addition to student loan advice, we offer straightforward information on the basics of personal finance, such as building credit, the effects of compound interest, and how to earn money from savings. Student Loans Guy has partnered with leading universities and personal finance companies, such as SoFi, Earnest, CommonBond, Credit Karma, and Personal Capital to help our users save money on student loans.

Primary Industry Sector: Software and Services
Funding Status: Other (please provide details) - Not Specified

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