Viewing Neurovalens - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Jason McKeown

Alumni of UC San Diego (Graduate)


Neurovalens has an ambitious vision to 'Transform lives through non-invasive neurotechnology'. Our first product - Modius - is a premium, health-tech wearable which helps people achieve their weight loss goals. Modius is on target to achieve FDA approval as the first ever non-invasive obesity treatment in 2019. There is a global obesity epidemic with 70% of US adults overweight or obese. The global weight loss market is huge, projected to reach $250 billion by 2022. Neurovalens’ solution is to utilise non-invasive neuro stimulation of the brain stem using Cranial Nerve 8 – The Vestibular nerve which allows projections throughout key regions of the brain. Modius is the 1st in a line of products and is a patented method of electrical stimulation to aid weight loss. We have navigated the FDA to allow non-prescription / direct to consumer.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Devices
Funding Status: Series A


Series A

Medical Devices

Center for Brain & Cognition

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