Viewing Kindroot - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Alisa Pospekhova

Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Graduate)


Holistic Blends for Her. For the modern woman wellness is the new luxury. But beyond just a fit body, glowy skin or a perfect physique, she seeks a more holistic state of being - where her mental, physical and emotional health are in sync. Feeling good also allows her to continue crushing her increasingly full, complex and magnificent life, while being #herbest for herself and those around her. And yet, many current supplement options fall short of her needs. Adaptogen powders are bulky and don't travel well, tinctures are messy and many herbal options only address a fraction of her concerns. What she seeks are solutions: targeted, reliable formulas that support her throughout the day, in a convenient, on-the-go delivery format. Ta-da for Kindroot - the incredible little lozenge drops. Expertly formulated by an herbalist containing unique blends of adaptogens, herbs and plants. Six special formulas that mitigate effects of modern lifestyles within a sensory experience. All natural ingredients in perfect alignment to help her relax, dream, focus or just be. All the magic of plants and mother nature with nothing suspect in a discreet, convenient and delicious format.

Primary Industry Sector: Other
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Preseed




Anderson School of Management

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