Viewing Navega Therapeutics - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Ana Moreno

Alumni of UC San Diego (Graduate)

Navega Therapeutics

Around 1.5 billion people around the world suffer from chronic pain, with 116 million in the US alone. Conventional treatment of chronic pain consists mostly of opioid narcotics. However, opioids have failed us as the United States is currently undergoing an opioid epidemic. Sadly, over 140 Americans die each day of an opioid overdose. At Navega, we have developed a patented, non-permanent gene therapy to target pain that is non-addictive (because it targets a non-opioid pathway), highly specific (only targeting the gene of interest), and long-lasting. In our proof of concept, we have demonstrated that the mice that received our therapy have an increased pain tolerance and lower pain levels. Importantly, mice are not numb and can continue feeling mechanical stimulation, such as touch.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Therapeutics
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Seed



Medical Therapeutics


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