Viewing Nuleep - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Grace Park

Alumni of UC Santa Barbara - Law&Society, Technical Writing Minor (Undergraduate)


Nuleep is a career mobile application that generates job recommendations based on a job seeker's career goals and lifestyle interests. We score jobs using data sets such as salary, commute, neighborhoods, and personal interests. We analyze our user's needs and measure it on data trends and user behavior. We want to solve the $30 billion it costs the US economy annually due to high employee turnover and disengagement. This loss shows a clear misunderstanding between what employees look for in a job and what they are finding in the market. The solutions today fail to truly understand their users and the organizations that are looking for top talent. Modern job boards and companies use algorithms and a boatload of data that spew out lists with little to no value. Think of them like Blockbuster - you have a large store where you know what you’re looking for, but it’s up to you to search and find it. If the old solutions are like Blockbuster, then think of Nuleep as Netflix. Our recommendations look beyond job experience and include your personal interests and goals. Our users input information that is important to them such as salary, lifestyle, commute, and more. A large piece of capturing information is through gamification, which we found resonates with our demographic. Nuleep filters this information to provide job recommendations that are most compatible to them. Jobs are ranked based on what the user decides is most important to least important. We designed the app to reduce the time you spend on searching for jobs and to increase compatibility between job seekers and companies. Our partnerships and pipeline show there is a demand for a different solution. They want to pay less, stop sharing recruitment tools, and want candidates that have the potential for longer retention. Nuleep provides simple authentic data through a user-friendly interface for the modern job seeker and for hiring companies. Thank you!

Primary Industry Sector: Software and Services
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Preseed



Software and Services

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