Viewing True Advantage - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Michele Kattke

Alumni of UC Los Angeles (Graduate)

True Advantage

True Advantage is using technology to create simple, actionable, and scientifically-supported tools to evolve consciousness. We are creating a database to promote self-discovery, rapid shifts in perception and worldview, and harmonious responses to the environment to maintain a positive internal state. The True Advantage database will integrate scientifically-supported recommendations, including hypnosis, electromagnetic field emotional-state monitoring, and natural remedies based on biochemistry, neuroscience, and physiology to accelerate consciousness evolution. True Advantage offers an accessible and effective alternative to life coaching and education reform, and is positioned to capture an estimated $15M of the $9.9B Self-Improvement market through its workbooks, website, smartphone app, online courses, YouTube series, and live seminars, and has a long-term vision of establishing a research institute for consciousness studies. We have raised $5k through a successful Kickstarter campaign and are seeking the $15k UCEntrepreneur award to support development of the database, website, and smartphone application.

Primary Industry Sector: Other
This is a a woman-founded Startup
Funding Status: Seed




Molecule Biology Institute

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