Viewing mFluiDx - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Charlie Yeh

Alumni of UC Berkeley (Graduate)


In outpatient clinics, disease diagnosis is typically done by observing symptoms or using paper-strip antibody tests. However, these methods often have poor sensitivity compared to DNA diagnostics such as PCR. But PCR are not often used because of cost and the slow turnaround time (several days). mFluiDx is a UC Berkeley startup developing Gates Foundation funded low-cost microfluidic diagnostic technologies capable of on-site multi-target DNA detection of viral and bacterial infections, with <15 min fully automated operation and ~100X lower cost than PCR setups. We aim to create assays that can be deployed in decentralized settings, are as simple and cheap as paper tests, yet have DNA level sensitivity for onsite diagnosis. mFluiDx is a NSF and NIH grant backed startup, has been selected to pitch at TechCrunch, selected to join Indiebio Accelerator, selected to participate UC Berkeley's CITRIS Foundry, and has completed Steve Blank’s lean-launch training (NSF-ICORPS), interviewing 200+ experts in the customer ecosystem to confirmed product market fit.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Diagnostics
Funding Status: Seed



Medical Diagnostics

UCSF/UC Berkeley Joint Bioengineering PhD Program

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