Viewing BioTrillion, Inc. - University of California 3rd Annual Pitch Competition

Savan Devani

Alumni of UC Berkeley - BSE in Bioengineering (UC Berkeley, College of Engineering) (Undergraduate)

BioTrillion, Inc.

We so often think of Healthcare as an industry that we tend to forget about Healthcare as a purpose. Every year, trillions of dollars are ineffectively spent on healthcare and trillions of life data points are ineffectively utilized for our healthcare. There is a better way. Less than 1% of our average time is spent engaged in an actual Medical setting. Meanwhile, the Life setting remains largely untapped, holding tremendous clinical utility and monetization opportunity for improving health outcomes. Diseases and their expressions are interconnected. Most diseases are expressed via subtle and intermittent non-molecular (or phenotypic) signs. Many of these expressions can be digitally captured as LIFEdata – using the same multi-modality sensors within the smart devices that are increasingly populating our everyday Life settings. We are developing a health technology platform called BioEngine4D that: - aggregates: user generated LIFEdata from Smart devices with open-API user-permissioned Medical data, via our front-end solution (BioTrillion Mobile App); - analyzes this massive quantum of data based on clinically-known disease pathophysiology, powered by AI via our back-end solution (BioEngine4D), discovering entirely novel digital biomarkers; and - applies them back to our users’ life and longevity via our App – by digitally detecting developing diseases. There continues to be a lack of radically novel health solutions for Consumers – in their Life settings – before becoming Patients. BioEngine4D is being developed for the Consumer and also yields opportunities to monetize clinical and economic synergies with Payer, Pharma, and Provider adjacencies. BioTrillion aims to transform Data from Life into Data for Life.

Primary Industry Sector: Medical Diagnostics
Funding Status: Seed



Medical Diagnostics

MSE in Bioengineering (University of Pennsylvania)

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